Aqualyx – Fat Dissolving Injections


Fat dissolving injections are specially formulated compound solutions. These are injected into the problem area and attach to fatty deposits, breaking them down over time. The fat is then naturally dissolved and flushed out by the body.

2-3 treatments are recommended at 3-4 week intervals.

Clients can expect some swelling, redness and skin irritation in the area treated, which generally subsides after 4-6 days.
Pressure is recommended for the first 48-72 hours to help reduce pain in the first 12 hours and reduce the oedema effect. Lymphatic drainage is also recommended for 2-3 weeks post treatment.

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections Face – £250 per session

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections Body – from £450 per session

Aqualyx - Fat Dissolving Injections


We kindly ask that you give 24 hours notice of any changes or cancellation of your appointment or the following charges will apply:
50% for appointments of 1 hour or less. 100% for appointments over 1 hour.

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