Hormonal Skin & Hair


Suffering skin concerns whilst going through a time of hormonal change can be incredibly challenging. Whether you are a teenager, menopausal, going through transition or pregnancy, we are here to support you. We treat skin conditions without judgement, planning individual treatment journeys that will help you to feel happy and confident in your skin.

Thinning hair and hair loss can be improved with hair restoration treatments including Stem Cell IPRF.

Rosacea, excess facial hair, and acne are just a few areas that we can help you with during hormonal change..

Please book a therapist consultation to discuss your skin conditions and hormonal changes, from teenage skin to menopausal skin, we are here to support you.

Click on the links below to discover more about the treatments that can help you during hormonal changes:


We kindly ask that you give 24 hours notice of any changes or cancellation of your appointment or the following charges will apply:
50% for appointments of 1 hour or less. 100% for appointments over 1 hour.

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