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Have you ever been left slightly disappointed at the short-term results from the effects of the facial you had?

I know that I have! I have spent many years enjoying that lovely floaty feeling, laying on a warm, cosy bed, enjoying all the aromas, oils and lots of massage. Now don’t get me wrong, there is 100% a place for these kind of facials and in fact our Elemis facials do just that, leaving you feeling incredible with a beautiful glow to the skin, but the question is should these treatments be in the skincare section or relaxation section? Depending on your skin and what you are looking for these treatments might be exactly what you are looking for and what your skin needs………

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But I want more……I want results, I want my expectations met, and I want this to last……..I am demanding like that……

Drum roll please whilst I introduce you to the Hydrafacial, 6 steps to the best skin of your life!!

When I first tried this treatment, I was amazed at how my skin felt immediately after, it felt clean and I mean really clean almost like it was squeaky clean, this is down to the vortex system that uses a Glycolic and salicylic peel to deep cleanse the skin, which means it is cleaning your skin on a deeper level than just a cleanser, toner and exfoliator. The skin then goes through an extraction process which is very comfortable but so effective and I actually got to look at my Gunkie after and see all the little black heads and dead skin cells floating around….. GROSS… but ohhhhhhh so satisfying.

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My face felt contoured and lifted and this is down to the lymphatic drainage part of the treatment…..33% of our bodies lymphatic system ( our bodies waste disposal system) is in our face so all those toxins (possibly from too much wine!) felt like they had been swept away removing the slightly bloated face and leaving definition and slightly chiselled cheek bones.

The treatment finished with a fabulously nourishing and hydrating solution of peptides, hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants leaving my skin feeling so juicy, plump and hydrated. LED red light therapy was also used to stimulate the collagen production deeper in the skin which I get to see the results from as those skin cells reach the surface of my skin.

Now all of this was delightful and my skin felt amazing as mentioned above but what has really blown me away is that 3 weeks later it still felt incredible and seemed to keep looking more glowing and felt so smooth, plumped and I definitely had my HydraFacial glow still.

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I loved my results so much I had my next Hydrafacial 4 weeks later and this time added in a ZO Brightalive Booster to help reduce my pigmentation and a Perk eye treatment to help smooth the fine lines around my eyes and the results have been incredible, it felt like I had botox!

So, if you are looking for a facial that delivers results, leaves the skin feeling Cleansed, Hydrated, Glowing and plumped, with results that last, I can definitely recommend to you the Hydrafacial.

Louise Summers

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