Let’s talk menopause!!

One minute you we are sipping cappuccinos reading Cosmpolitan and the next minute you realise you’ve switched the washing machine on but forgotten to load the washing into it!

I am sure we’ve all had these conversations “oh what’s the name of that film, you know the person that was in that film with the person that was in that other film with the bloke with a beard”……the brain fog makes you think you have the start of early dementia!

And have you suddenly spotted an inch long hair popping out of your chin? ….. why do we always notice those pesky hairs when we are driving or out for dinner without tweezers when there is nothing we can do about it?!

Are you feeling the flush……that prickly swoosh of intense heat that appears from nowhere and then leaves you cold after a hot sweat!

Thinning hair on your head and in pubic areas (and we will talk about the sudden white ones in that area later!)

Spots……where did they come from? We thought we left those behind in our teenage years along with perms, blue eyeshadow and LA looks hairspray!

So how can a trip to the salon help you? Well there is so much on offer at the salon which we will talk through in stages but I think one of the most important things to understand is that feeling, once you are comfortable in the salon environment and with a therapist who you feel safe with is the ability to open up and talk in a safe environment about all sorts of things, often allowing yourself to let off steam or talk without judgment ( even if it’s just about annoying teenagers or husbands).

Now on to menopausal hair……..long ones, thin ones, white ones!!!! I’m only going to say this once…..DO NOT DELAY on having laser hair removal once those hairs turn white we can no longer remove them through laser and trust me, one day you look down and it’s like Stripe from the gremlins has appeared! We do still have the option of Electrolysis though if you leave it too late, which is perfect for those pesky white hairs that appear on the chin overnight.

Laser Hair Removal

Thinning hair can be a distressing time for ladies and men, iPRF treatment which stimulates the stem cells helping with hair growth and stronger hair, a course of treatments is required but great results can be achieved in areas where there is still hair growth occurring.

Zo Products

Skin…….Acne, Rosacea, Ageing, Sagging, Dull, Tired skin are all things you might be experiencing. It’s possibly time to take a good look at your skincare routine, we all fall into the habit of using the same skincare and make up for years and not really being happy with it but also not knowing what to use or where to go to buy it. Get to the salon, ask for a skin health review and start making changes to restore your skin confidence back to its former glory, Laser skin Treatments, Microneedling, HydraFacial and ZO skincare are all things which will help you achieve your desired skin. Discuss little tweaks to turn back the clock a few years with Anti- Wrinkle Injections and subtly placed dermal fillers, you might have been against it a few years ago but times change and often your friends won’t tell you they are having it done (they just look great!) you still look like you (no hamster cheeks here!) but just a bit fresher!

Hormonal Skin and Hair

Menopause is such a tricky time and often quite difficult to navigate, a chat with your GP is always beneficial, there are also lots of natural remedies that can help you through as well. It’s important to get the hormones correct in order to feel good and support your bodies health. But stop by the salon as there is so much that can help you to feel better about some of the side effects of your changing body and it’s important to make yourself feel positive about those changes.

And if all else fails there is always wine!

Louise x