Who wants beautiful full and long looking lashes?

I know I do!  But what if I told you could have stunning lash form 24/7?

With different lash treatments available it’s important to choose the right treatment and look for you.

Disclaimer: (All lash treatments need a patch test at least 48 hours before procedure). Making sure you go to a therapist who is qualified and knows what they are doing is paramount for all treatments (particularly around the eyes) as it can be dangerous if a therapist doesn’t have the correct training, knowledge and experience.

A lash lift (LVL) is done using a perm, setting cream and tint. Now this treatments lasts for up to 8 weeks so there is not a lot of maintenance involved. This treatment shows off your natural lashes full potential. Great for people with straight lashes which can make them look short and nonexistent… but they ARE there and longer than you think. Lashes are lifted from the base of the lash line, unlike other perming or lifting treatments which usually curl from the central section of the lash; this gives even more lift to the lashes. The treatment instantly lifts and opens the eye.

Uniquely shaped rods allow the technicians to adapt the results. The rods are available in a mixture of thicknesses and can create either a natural C curl or a more dramatic J curl.

This treatment will give your lashes a full, long, thick and darker appearance using no extensions at all. Look beautifully natural and wide eyed for up to 8 weeks. This treatment also includes an eyelash tint to give you more colour and definition to your eyelashes.

Classic eyelash extensions are done using individual semi permanent eyelash extensions and using a strong adhesive to attach each lash to one of your own lashes. This treatment will give you long and full lashes while keeping them looking natural. Your therapist can look at your natural lashes and work out from asking how you’d like them  and looking at your eye shape, which style of lashes you’d be most suited too, it is totally personal and different to each individual client. Maintenance needs to be done every 3 weeks where we replace the eyelash extensions that shed alongside your natural lashes (this is a natural process)

Russian eyelash extensions are using fans of eyelash extensions to create beautiful thick,full and fluffy looking lashes, this treatment is perfect for those with few lashes or for those looking for a bolder eye. Now this treatment some therapist create their own fan lashes and some therapists prefer to use ready made sets, it really doesn’t matter how the therapist prefers to work, russians will always make you look at your best, and as there are more lashes attached. Maintenance needs to be done every 3 weeks for this treatment.

There you go, now that you have all the information on your different lash enhancement treatments, go ahead and treat yourself you some stunning lashes. I promise it’s worth it! (WARNING; it’s addictive).

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